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How to Motivate Yourself – Effective Self Motivation Techniques

The ability to know how to motivate yourself effectively and to apply self motivation techniques is necessary, when it comes to being able to reach your goals and become successful. As opposed to this it can be a really huge obstacle when lacking motivation and not being able to get self motivated to reach for your aims. Therefore it is always worth it to spend some time to learn some motivational techniques that will help to improve your incentive.

Definition of motivation:

A motivated person will show a specific goal-focused behavior in order to reach its aims. A person shows a specific goal-focused behavior by integrating self motivation techniques in their lives. It can be distinguished between intrinsic (inner-) and extrinsic (outer motivation).

Self motivation techniques: How to motivate yourself?

A lot of people lack in the ability to get the necessary incentive and ambition in order to get things done. Here is a guide to advance your incentive by applying self motivation techniques:

  • Get rid of distractions: It is absolutely necessary to avoid distractions that get you sidetracked from the things that need to be done. All these excellent self motivation techniques won´t help you when you cannot implement these because you are diverted. Furthermore you cannot be able to benefit from the knowledge on how to motivate yourself effectively, when you are not able to focus on your tasks and goals, because of being distracted.
  • Increase your incentive: Be an open-minded person and search for elements of your life that enable you to increase your motivation and incentive on a daily basis. This could be achieved by finding some motivational quotes, reading books about motivation and looking for aspects of your life you really appreciate.
  • Create a list with all your goals, dreams and aims: This is one of the most powerful methods to get yourself motivated, if done properly. First of all you start to write down all the dreams and goals you want to achieve. Then you add to this list some pictures that are associated with your aims, e.g. in case you want to buy a new car you add a picture of that exact car to your list. After you finished this list you place somewhere you be able to have a look at it at least once a day. Every time you feel a lack in motivation you should have a look at the list in order to know the reasons for all your hard work. Only a few glances a day at this list can help you to know what aims and goals you will be able to achieve if you know how to motivate yourself effectively.
  • Develop motivational habits: Once you found aspects that help you in increasing your self motivation you could develop these further to daily habits. One of my motivational habits is that I imagine all the beautiful aspects of my life that I´m grateful for during brushing my teeth.

Beat procrastination!

  • Set up a time limit: Get into the habit of creating time limitations when having a task. This enables you to focus on that specific task since distractions and procrastinations will only cause you breaking your schedule. If you really want to advance this tip you could think of some rewards you can get when meeting your time schedule. If you are also facing your mind drifting off to activities you would rather be doing you should also schedule time for these “rather-would-like”-activities. Apply these as special rewards once you have finished your work.
  • Create a To-Do List: Having such a list is absolutely essential, since you do not forget specific tasks and get distracted before it is completed. Make sure to cross of any tasks that you already have accomplished and add new items on a daily basis.
  • Overcome anxiety: Fear and anxiety can also cause procrastinations, since you will most likely not perform tasks when having negative thoughts about them. One way to overcome anxieties is to face your fears. Evaluate the reasons for your fear and make at the beginning small steps to overcome them by confronting yourself with them.

Finally: Advance your incentive!

  • Create pleasure by rewarding yourself: A very effective way to boost your motivation is to think of exciting rewards you will receive once you have reached a specific goal. This tactic will also create eagerness and enhance your productiveness.
  • Create challenges: You can increase your enthusiasm and incentive by having challenging goals and aims that will enable you to grow further in your personality development.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Motivating yourself can be especially in the beginning very challenging, but once you are able to implement these methods properly you will soon notice that it becomes easier and easier. The willingness to apply self motivation techniques and the knowledge how to motivate yourself will help you to reach your visions and goals more effective and faster.