- Collaboration

Wedding Music – A Collaboration

Likened to a movie, wedding music centers on a theme where wedding musicians really feel what they like to capture as if viewing life where just few frames makes a big difference. A collaboration is made between the couple and musician to enact scenes fit for an intended theme basing from their personalities and they are the ones who do the casting like a movie.

Music is a reality. Musical symbols put into paper are metaphors translating an emotion and reaction comes from the color put into it whether it is well colored like a drawing. It is like a brush stroke creating a space similar to a wedding that requires a different expression. Emotion represents the story for a musician is an adept story teller that takes you to musical corners.

A wedding is like a movie. Every scene tells something and a wedding musician can put magic in every step of the way and the gift to create affects positively bringing you to a different planet with goose bumps.

Wedding in the Philippines are very particular when it comes to music. Even the propagation of numerous music scores confuse them but still a romantic heart reigns and rightful choices creep in blowing into their ears beautiful music fit for a solemn ceremony. Music doesn’t disturb when vows are exchanged, if done softly. It creates a certain feel when every word is uttered. It becomes meaningful. A kind of orchestral palette is created.

The beauty of a ceremony whether a Catholic or Christian Wedding goes on rightful timing. Before the ceremony begins a prelude music sets a certain mood. A classical music makes the guests at ease because the melody translates a dimension where peace is the theme. Then, comes the procession where light majestic music makes a unique presentation and when the bride walks, only passionate wedding musicians can deliver dramatic interpretation of any music or song chosen. Even a popular love song carries the trick.

Catholic weddings adhere to rules regarding proper music selections and popular choices center to the liturgy and there are many to choose from. What makes the difference is the interpretation and only gifted music artists can deviate a little making it a unique piece of art with the same theme as it is conceived to be. It has to carry from the start to end like a movie that progresses with music scores on the rightful scenes.

A wedding is a movie created out of reality where no pretenses set. Every scene acted is unrehearsed and the purity of interpretation emanates from one’s involvement creating a film to be treasured forever.