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How to Fix a Broken Engagement

An engagement means that two people are promised to get married. When a person is engaged to other, they are supposed to make plan for their wedding. One day later, they decide not to get married and have to break an engagement for variety of reasons. A few days or weeks later, two same people realize that they love each other and want to find some ways to fix a broken engagement. The main question for you and your significant one is – how can you both fix a broken engagement?

Here three ways to fix a broken engagement for you both-

1) Talking honestly is a must. The reason is that you two need to be open-minded and talk honestly about your feelings about your future marriage. You two need to be sure that you are ready to get married. You two must not let anyone to come in between you two as the cause of any misunderstanding situations.

2) Sharing an emotional support is required. You both have to open your heart and share your emotional support with each other. You both need to take some time to think and be sure that you two want to get married.

3) Examining your goal in your future marriage is very important. Marriage is a huge commitment between two people are supposed to be belong together for their lifetime. You two make a list of your goal in your future marriage and discuss how to make this work out before you are ready to get married. Be certain that you two know that communication is the key to a successful marriage.

At last, you two want to fix your broken engagement, then you two need to make sure that you both want to get married and settle down with your goals including – financial security, family, children, and careers. Most of people are hurried to get married and they think that their marriage is perfect but wrong. They end up being stuck as result of that they do not make any plans and that they have tough time with their financial problems, family conflicts, and careers.

You two need to make certain that you both are ready to be wedded. Before getting married, you two should make any plans to settle down the family, children, and careers. If you two are not able to fix your broken engagement but still want to work out with that, please find the couple therapist.