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Transferable Skills Are the Key to Career Success

Employers are looking for potential employees that have transferable skills, that enable them to be a valuable contributor to the company. Knowing your transferable skills and being able to share them is crucial for job seekers. First, decide what skills the employer is looking. Next evaluate your abilities and see if they match the job requirements. Finally, you need to effectively communicate your ability to perform the job duties the employer listed. Your resume and the interview allow you the opportunity to communicate that you have the skills.

Transferable skills are essential because you continue to use these skills throughout your career. This is the knowledge that allows us to move easily between various jobs and industries. Transferable skills are a combination of adaptive and technical knowledge. Adaptive ability allows us to display our attitude. Adaptive skills are important for every job regardless of industry. This ability demonstrates, how we work or approach life. Adaptive skills deal with our attitude. They show how we react to situations and how we approach problems. For example, people skills are adaptive, How employees get along with others is just as important for a person who works as a cashier as president.

Work specific skills or technical knowledge are the skills that are significant to a specific industry. These are the skills we have learned that allow us to complete industry related duties for our job.

Once you have determined your adaptive and technical abilities that make up your transferable skills, develop them into statements that can use as your answer to interview questions. Your skills show the employer, that you are the best person for the job.