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11 Career Advancement Strategies Guaranteed To Boost Your Success

Tips to Improve Your Career Advancement Opportunities

Fact! The average person will make between six and ten job or career changes in their lifetime. If you want success, a career advancement plan is definitely necessary. What’s the best time to do this?

Professional career consultants all say the same thing; the most suitable time for pursuing a new job or career advancement is while you are gainfully employed, even if you find your present position unchallenging. So what are the steps you need to take? Adhere to the principles below and you’ll be way ahead of others…

  1. Start by making your employer aware of your interest in furthering your career or position
  2. Seek more responsibility
  3. Volunteer for additional work. Offer to help other teams, departments or advisory boards
  4. Look for a trusted adviser or mentor. Show that you are earnest. Ask for career guidance and information
  5. Stress a desire to meet your company’s job performance goals… i.e., take the lead on projects
  6. Develop strong people & social skills such as being personable, outgoing, friendly. Become an effective and clear communicator
  7. Practice exceptional listening skills. This plays an important role in influencing respect from co-workers
  8. Always look professional by being well groomed and dressing appropriately
  9. Attend continuing education events and stay abreast of current developments and trends in business
  10. Be innovative
  11. Keep a current, up to date resume. Have it available at all times

Honing skills like these, will take you a long way and help in self-promotion. Remember. It’s up to you to sell yourself. Begin by letting people in your organization or the people you network with, know about your job skills and career accomplishments.

Act in a professional manner by being cooperative and professional regardless of the situation. Your work reputation is extremely important, so do your best to maintain your work ethics. Strive to be a good communicator and great listener, help others in their advancement goals and keep up with business trends.